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Peace of Mind: Warranty, Returns, Repairs

Warranty:  If you buy an instrument from us, you're entitled to technical support. Call, fax, or e-mail us for help. We will do everything possible to solve your problems. All questions and suggestions are welcome; all advice and support is free.  All of our instruments are covered by a 1-year limited warranty. Actually, very few of our units have any problems at all but it's good to know that you are protected.  Most problems generally arise from incorrect use, misunderstanding or misinterpretation of user's instructions.

Biophysica and Radionics warranty our devices to be functional and free of defects for 1 year from the date of purchase and will replace defective parts as needed to the original purchaser at no cost to the original purchaser during this time, except for shipping costs.  These devices are unique products and are generally returnable only for replacement of defective hardware and software. These devices are factory sealed.  Breaking the factory seals voids all warranties. 

Please note that lasers and consumable items such as electrodes and light bulbs are not included in the above warranty.

Extended Warranty:  Available by special agreement.

Rental:  You can also rent some units to be sure it's the one for you, and part of your rental cost can be applied to your purchase. 

Return:  If you find that you are unsatisfied for any reason, with your instrument, electrodes and accessories, we will accept it back within 2 months with a retesting, restocking charge of  15% per month which is typical in industry, provided that the items are not used, damaged or visibly worn.  Any defects will be covered under warranty and not a reason for return of the product. Both seller and user have a mutual obligation to resolve problems, difficulties, defects through our warranty program.  Refunds will be transferred to the purchaser by the most inexpensive banking method, preferably Paypal.

Payment:  Payment should be to Biophysica as described at http://www.biophysica.com/payment.htm
We have an account with www.paypal.com   who have recently made the payment process more user friendly. We can send you an invoiced link to paypal.
Use our ID as our e-mail info@biophysica.com

Payment through money order or certified personal check is possible. Bank transfer is possible but time-consuming, and error-prone, they charge extra fees at both ends and give minimal exchange value.

Shipping:  We generally ship internationally by Canadian Postal Service, express or expedited, insured with a tracking number. Nothing should be sent without some sort of tracking, otherwise it is too easy to go missing.  We might also mail the electrodes in a separate envelope so as to be safe.

Shipping by couriers such as UPS, DHL is much more expensive, requires multiple documents and attracts taxations, duties, customs, brokerage, disbursement fees etc.

Shipping and handling.  Approximate prices depend on dimensions, weight of package and country
COURIERS eg UPS, Federal Express, DHL   Canada $60.     Within  US  $100.   Outside Canada & US  $150.
Regular Post  is our preferred method.  Within Canada $30.    Within US  $50.      International  $100.

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