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BF-19: Variable Frequency Generator


  • 0.3Hz ~ 3MHz Frequency Range
  • Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, TTL and CMOS Output Waveforms
  • External Voltage Controlled Frequency (VCF) Function
  • Duty Cycle Control with Signal Inversion Capability
  • Variable DC Offset Control
  • Two Step (-20dB x 2) and Variable Attenuator
  • Built-in 6 Digit Counter with INT/EXT Function up to 150MHz
  • INT/EXT AM/FM Modulation
  • LIN/LOG Sweep Mode
  • Gate Controlled Voltage (GCV) Output for Synchronisation

BF-19: Variable Frequency Generator
Main Output Frequency Range: 0.3Hz ~ 3MHz in 7 ranges
Amplitude: > 10Vpp (into 50W load)
Impedance: 50W ±10%
Attenuator: -20dB ±1dB x 2
DC Offset: <-5V ~ >+5V (into 50W load)
Duty Control: 80% : 20% : 80% to 1MHz continually variable
Display: 6 digit LED display
Sine Wave Distortion: £1%, 0.3Hz ~ 200kHz THD £ -35dB fundamental in all ranges (specification applied from MAX to 1/10 level)
Flatness: <0.3dB, 0.3Hz ~ 300kHz
<0.5dB, 300kHz ~ 3MHz
Triangle Wave Linearity: >98% 0.3Hz to 100kHz
³95% 100kHz to 3MHz
Square Wave Symmetry: ±2% 0.3Hz ~ 100kHz
Rise/Fall Time: £100ns at maximum output (into 50W load)
CMOS Output Level: 4Vpp ±1Vpp ~ 14.5Vpp ±0.5Vpp adjustable 
Rise/Fall Time: £120ns
TTL Output Level: ³3Vpp
Fan Out: 20 TTL Loads
Rise/Fall Time: £25ns
VCF Input Voltage: 0V ~ 10V ±1V (100:1)
Input Impedance: 10kW ±10%
GCV Output Voltage: To set the voltage between 0V ~ 2V as per different frequency
Sweep Operation Sweep/Manual: Switch selectable
Sweep Rate: 100:1 ratio maximum adjustable
Sweep Time: 0.5s ~ 30s adjustable
Sweep Mode: Lin/Log switch selectable
Amplitude Modulation Depth: 0 ~ 100%
MOD Frequency: 400Hz (INT), DC ~ 1MHz (EXT)
Carrier Bandwidth: 100Hz ~ 3MHz (-3dB)
EXT Sensitivity: £10Vpp for 100% modulation
Frequency Modulation Deviation: 0 ~ ±5%
MOD Frequency: 400Hz (INT), DC ~ 20kHz (EXT)
EXT Sensitivity: £10Vpp for 10% modulation
Frequency Counter INT/EXT: Switch selectable
Range: 0.3Hz to 3MHz (EXT 5Hz ~ 150MHz)
Accuracy: Time base accuracy ±1 count
Time Base: ±20ppm (23°C ±5°C) after 30 minutes warm up
Resolution: Maximum resolution is 100nHz for 1Hz and 1Hz for 100MHz
Input Impedance: 1MW // 150pF
Sensitivity: £35mVrms (5Hz ~ 100MHz)
£45mVrms (100MHz ~ 150MHz)
Other Details Power Source: AC 115V/230V ±15%, 50/60Hz
Accessories: Power cord x 1, Instruction manual x 1, Test Lead (type GTL-101) x 2
Dimensions: 251mm (w) x 91mm (h) x 291mm (d)
Weight: 2.2kg approx

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Product Profile

Product ID: BF-19
Description: BF-19: Variable Frequency Generator
Notes:This device has not been approved for use on humans in U.S.A or Canada and is therfore to be used only for experimental, hobby or sacramental purposes.

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