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Products and Models

We have several models of variable frequency generators.

The most suitable and reasonably priced and the one which we use is our BF-19 whose specifications follow. It can go down to .01 Hz with a counter resolution of 0.01 millihertz (0.00001 Hz) and up to 3.2 Mega Hertz and has DC offset in accordance with Hulda Clark's recommendations.  It measures to 5 decimal places on the digital counter and has other modulation features which may be useful later: such as modulation of light emitting diodes, lasers and magnetic treatment coils.

We also have a superior generator having 0.02% accuracy of frequency, 6 digit counter and maximum range 15 MHz.

Output Waveforms: Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Pulse, AM, FM, Sweep, Trigger, and Gate or Burst.

These generators can be used to drive and modulate our laser, light, zapper, magnetic and sound emitters.

Disclaimer:  Many of our items function based on Subtle Energies, the existence of which  there is only some limited evidence.  These items have not been proven scientifically, therefore any use can be only experimental and no claims to treat or cure diseases are implied.

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